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Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As of the 2000 census, the city itself had a population of 334,569, with 2,358,695 in the metropolitan area.

Pittsburgh is built at the confluence of three rivers (the Allegheny River, Monongahela River and the Ohio River), with the downtown area in the triangular portion of land formed by the rivers. The city is well known for its spectacular skyline of skyscrapers and bridges, the latter giving rise to two of its nicknames "The City of Bridges" and "The Bridge Capital".

As well as "The City of Bridges" and "The Bridge Capital", Pittsburgh also has a variety of other nicknames, including "City of Champions", "The 'Burgh" and "The College City". There are also nicknames linked to the city's industrial past such as "Iron City", "Steel City" and "Steel Town", and from the new industries that have arisen in the city such as "Roboburgh", which relates to Pittsburgh's growing robotics industry.

Attractions in Pittsburgh include:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Facts

Here are some other facts about Pittsburgh:
  • Perhaps the most famous educational institution in Pittsburgh is Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university that was founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1900.

  • Some of the leading companies with their headquarters in Pittsburgh include Heinz, PPG Industries and U.S. Steel.

  • The main airport serving Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh International Airport.

  • Sports teams in Pittsburgh include the ice hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Major League Baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the NFL American football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Pittsburgh's nicknames include "Birmingham of America", "Iron City", "The 'Burgh", "The City of Bridges", "The City of Champions", "The Smoky City", and "The Steel City".

Weather in Pittsburgh

Here is the seven day weather forecast for Pittsburgh:

Click for Forecast for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from weatherUSA.net

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Books About Pittsburgh

Here are some books about Pittsburgh:

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Greater Than a Tourist – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA: 50 Travel Tips from a Local

By Patrick Freed

CZYK Publishing
Released: 2017-06-17
Kindle Edition (54 pages)

Greater Than a Tourist – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA: 50 Travel Tips from a Local
Product Description:
Are you excited about planning your next trip? Do you want to try something new while traveling? Would you like some guidance from a local? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is just for you.

Greater Than a Tourist – Pittsburgh, PA by Patrick Freed offers the inside scope on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there's nothing wrong with that, as a part of the Greater than a Tourist series this book will give you tips and a bunch of ideas from someone who lives at your next travel destination.

In these pages you'll discover local advice that will help you throughout your stay. Greater than a tourist is a series of travel books written by locals.
Travel like a local. Get the inside scope. Slow down, stay in one place, take your time, get to know the people and the culture of a place. Try some things off the beaten path with guidance. Patronize local business and vendors when you travel. Be willing to try something new and have the travel experience of a lifetime.

By the time you finish this book, you will be excited to travel to your next destination. Ten cents of each book purchased is donated to teaching and learning.

This book includes the full text plus bonus content of the book “50 Things to Know About Packing Light for Travel: Pack the Right Way Everytime”.

Moon Pennsylvania (Travel Guide)

By Rachel Vigoda

Moon Travel
Released: 2018-08-07
Paperback (500 pages)

Moon Pennsylvania (Travel Guide)
List Price: $21.99*
Lowest New Price: $13.59*
Lowest Used Price: $13.59*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
Visit historic battlefields, share the road with horse-drawn buggies, and explore two vibrant cities on the rise. Inside Moon Pennsylvania you'll find:
  • Strategic itineraries like a 7-day spin through the best of the state, weekend trips, and tips for history buffs, families, and outdoor adventurers
  • The top sights and unique experiences: Sneak a peek at the Liberty Bell and museum-hop in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Hike, camp, or show off your snowboarding skills in the Poconos, spot roaming elk in the Pennsylvania Wilds, and relax on the shores of Lake Erie. Learn about American history at Gettysburg, marvel at Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece in the Laurel Highlands, or take a horse-drawn buggy through Amish country. Find the best Philly cheesesteak, indulge in all that Hershey has to offer, and try a "Pittsburgh-style" sandwich stuffed with fries
  • Suggestions for day trips from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, including Bucks County, Amish Country, Moraine and McConnells Mill State Parks, Fallingwater, and Cook Forest State Park
  • Local tips from Philadelphia local Rachel Vigoda on when to go, how to get around, and where to stay
  • Thorough background information on the landscape, wildlife, climate, and local culture
  • Focused coverage of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the Pocono Mountains, Pittsburgh, the Alleghenies, the Lake Region, and Pennsylvania Wilds
With Moon Pennsylvania's practical tips and local insight, you can experience the best of the Keystone State.

Staying in the city? Try Moon Pittsburgh or Moon Philadelphia. Exploring more of the East Coast? Try Moon Virginia & Maryland or Moon Washington DC.

Moon Pittsburgh (Travel Guide)

By Emily King

Moon Travel
Released: 2018-07-31
Paperback (290 pages)

Moon Pittsburgh (Travel Guide)
List Price: $17.99*
Lowest New Price: $11.04*
Lowest Used Price: $10.98*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
Take in the young, vibrant scene of a city on the rise and learn what it really means to be a Yinzer with Moon Pittsburgh. Inside you'll find:
  • Strategic itineraries for history buffs, families, budget travelers, and more, all accessible by bus, train, or public transit
  • The Top Sights and Unique Experiences: Get up close and personal with dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, check out art and artifacts in Frick Park, and ponder iconic paintings at the Andy Warhol Museum. Take the incline train up Mount Washington or kayak along any of its three rivers. Explore the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh or cheer on the Steelers at Heinz Field
  • Get a Taste of the City: Feast on affordable Asian cuisine in the East End, eat a famous sandwich with fries inside at Primanti Bros, and try pierogis for a taste of traditional Pittsburgh
  • Bars and Nightlife: Sample a flight of craft brews under the stars at rooftop hotspot Biergarten, sip cocktails at a speakeasy, or rub elbows with regulars at a dive bar
  • Local insight from born and bred Pittsburgher Emily B. King
  • Day trips from Pittsburgh: Tube down the Youghiogheny River, explore vestiges of the Underground Railroad in southeastern Pennsylvania, or dig into apple pie in a backwoods diner
  • Maps and Tools like background information on the history and culture of the city, easy-to-read maps and neighborhood guides from the trendy Strip to high-end Shadyside
With Moon Pittsburgh's practical tips and local know-how, you can experience the best of the city.

Looking to experience more of America's city life? Try Moon Boston or Moon Philadelphia. Exploring the area? Check out Moon Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh—Metropolitan Mastery: Travel Guide (and More) of the Steel City

By Rock DiLisio

Released: 2017-10-03
Paperback (170 pages)

Pittsburgh—Metropolitan Mastery: Travel Guide (and More) of the Steel City
List Price: $13.99*
Lowest New Price: $13.99*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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Pittsburgh Travel Guide (Unanchor) - Three Days Off the Beaten Path

By Michael Dittman

Released: 2013-09-22
Kindle Edition (30 pages)

Pittsburgh Travel Guide (Unanchor) - Three Days Off the Beaten Path
Product Description:
Pittsburgh: Three Days Off the Beaten Path

You can find any number of travel guides to Pittsburgh that focus on sports arenas and sandwiches made with coleslaw and French fries between the bread.

This is not that kind of guide.

This guide/itinerary has been created to show you the off-the-path Pittsburgh. It’s a town with a vibrant arts community and some amazing hidden sites, and, as someone who has spent a good part of his life hanging out in Pittsburgh, I wanted to show them with you.

I’ve written this guide/itinerary with two main focuses in mind:
1 - To inform you of the best unusual things to do in Pittsburgh so you don’t have to wade through the many options and choices many of which simply repeat each other.
2 - To provides as specific directions possible along with supplemented pictures and maps.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being lost in a foreign city. While I can’t guarantee you won’t get lost, hopefully the directions provided will vastly reduce the number of times you do.

When writing this itinerary, I tried to fill a hole that exists for a city like Pittsburgh. There are plenty of tour guides available for an older crowd that wants to check out some sports sites and eat at some touristy places. Likewise, there are plenty of guides available for the younger traveler out for a party (Pittsburgh is, after all, home to an astounding amount of colleges and universities).

This guide is for travelers interested in exploring some of the fantastic arts and culture that has grown up around Pittsburgh’s Renaissance – especially that art and culture that lies a little off the beaten path, is a little quirky, or a little unexpected – just like I think you’ll find Pittsburgh overall.

The trip can easily be done on a very low budget (you’re going to be surprised what an inexpensive city Pittsburgh is), but you’re going to be doing a quite a bit of walking. Pittsburgh grew organically, with small, distinct ethnic neighborhoods, and has some challenging topographic nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with rivers bisecting the city (The Steel City has more bridges than Venice or San Francisco). That means that driving can be an intimidating experience for out-of-towners, so walking seemed like the best idea. But, I’ve also included tips for using Pittsburgh’s extensive and award winning public transit system should the walking be too tiring.

In Pittsburgh, you’ll see:
- One of only three museums dedicated to cartoon art in the United States
- The park underneath which Pittsburgh’s “fourth river” flows
- The largest collection of relics outside the Vatcian
- Cutting edge installation and contemporary art including one museum that also serves as a research and development lab for artists.
- A WWII era submarine, floating in the Allegheny Rover and open for tours
- The largest museum in the United States dedicated to a single artist (hint: it involves Campbell’s soup cans)
- The final resting place of Congressman, scandal makers, and Negro League Baseball stars
- 1.2 million dollars of glass art nestled inside palm trees (even during a Western Pennsylvania winter!)
- and much more!

What does this Pittsburgh itinerary include?
- Numerous pictures pointing to key landmarks to help you get where you need to go, as well as maps for your trip.
- My contact information if you need anything else or have any other questions while in Pittsburgh.

Who is this Pittsburgh guide for?
- The visitor to Pittsburgh who’s looking for the best of the off-the beaten-path stops.

Pittsburgh, 1758-2008 (Images of America: Pennsylvania)

By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Brand: Arcadia Publishing
Released: 2008-11-10
Paperback (128 pages)

Pittsburgh, 1758-2008 (Images of America: Pennsylvania)
List Price: $21.99*
Lowest New Price: $6.00*
Lowest Used Price: $5.07*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:
Pittsburgh: 1758–2008 surveys the city’s evolution from strategic fort in the wilderness to bustling industrial workshop to high-tech center for universities and health care. A boatbuilding center and gateway to the West at the beginning of the 19th century, Pittsburgh later produced iron and steel used to construct bridges and buildings around the country and provided the cannons, shot, and ships that helped win wars around the world. In the process, Pittsburgh became a magnet for successive waves of immigrants―workers and entrepreneurs who shaped the culture and character of the city with their customs, churches, clubs, food, and an impressive collection of museums. Among its many attributes, Pittsburgh is the birthplace of Carnegie libraries in the United States, wire cable suspension bridges, the gas station, the Ferris wheel, commercial radio, public television, and bingo.

Travel Like a Local - Map of Pittsburgh: The Most Essential Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) Travel Map for Every Adventure

By Maxwell Fox

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (50 pages)

Travel Like a Local - Map of Pittsburgh: The Most Essential Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) Travel Map for Every Adventure
List Price: $12.99*
Lowest New Price: $12.76*
Lowest Used Price: $12.70*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:

Get Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Are you planning your next vacation abroad and you’re ready to explore? Do you want to be prepared for everything? Are you ready to experience every new place you visit just like a local? Well, with this amazing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) travel map you’re all set and ready to go!

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) map was carefully designed to give you amazing results and make traveling easier than ever.

We make sure to constantly update our info to give you the most relevant and accurate information, so you will never get confused or frustrated during your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) trip.

The map is very detailed and it will not only give you all the available roads and routes, but also the essential information to make your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) vacation unforgettable.

In the map you can see all the available means of transport, bus stops and routes so you can always know how to get everywhere.

And because we know that a vacation is not only about the roads and busses, the map gives you many options for eating, drinking and having a good time!

We carefully marked all the restaurants, bars and pubs so you can always find one that is nearby.

In the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) map you will also find the best places to go shopping, the most famous and must-see sights, churches and more.

And if an emergency comes up, there are markings of police stations and hospitals everywhere for your convenience.

Each kind of marking has a different color so you can easily navigate around the map and find exactly what you’re looking for within seconds.

The city is also organized in sections so you can better find your way around.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your map and let’s get started!

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Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide

By Maryann Huk

Cardinal Content
Released: 2017-09-16
Kindle Edition (348 pages)

Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide
Product Description:
Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide is the new travel and city guide from Cardinal Content. Since 2012 we have covered this dynamic city and its environs that has become known world-wide for its monumental change from Industrial Age Giant to 21st Century Crossroads of Technology, Education, Health Sciences and the best of urban living. This new edition is built from our previous coverage of Pittsburgh, but what is different is what is different about Pittsburgh. In 2018.

Pittsburgh has gone from a glimmer of hope in the midst of Industrial Age decay and neglect to a great city renowned for cutting edge technology; some of the planet’s best Universities and Colleges; life-saving research and practice in Health Care, and a burgeoning population of young people who are drawn to its many urban advantages. In other words, Pittsburgh is no long a likeable anomaly among Rust Belt cities, but is now considered among the essential cities to consider as Leaders of the 21st Century.

Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide is an enhanced ebook. It features widgets throughout that direct the reader from their smart device to websites, Google Maps, and social media greatly enhancing the information obtained in the ebook. Indeed if all the information found in and through Pittsburgh 2018: the digital images, digital videos, blogs, comment boards, websites, maps, and interactive displays were fully explored it would take perhaps days to complete, and represent hundred of thousands of words. But Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide is an ebook of roughly of 50,000 words that is easy to use, explore and employ. It features a simple, functional Table of Contents, and a layout that starts with Downtown Pittsburgh and ends with some great places in the in Greater Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide is that. A City Guide that lays out all of the fundamentals of Pittsburgh. Travel, transpiration, history, architecture, culture, attractions, events, dining, nightlife are all in Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide, along with traveler necessities such as accommodations, lodging, and highly functional Google Maps pins.

Much of Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide includes insider inspired feature write-ups on some the best and most quintessential Pittsburgh places. When it comes to dining and nightlife our goal was to stick to those places that are unique to Pittsburgh and avoid places that are regional or nationwide chains. Though, as the case of Lodging, that cannot always be the case, all the places we picked to include feature characteristics that make them Pittsburgh places. All of the commercial places in this ebook were chosen. Some of these Pittsburgh places have full-length features by opting to subscribe to the production of this ebook. When they did, not only did they receive an in-depth feature review, they received extra benefits such as participating in free and countdown days where their best customers and guests obtain copies at a reduced price or for free. In all cases participating in our promotional efforts is never a criterion to being included. Pittsburgh places that we asked to be included but opted not to subscribe and participate in promotions are lincluded at no charge and can be found throughout Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide ebook.

Finally, we want to invite all readers to not only like us on Facebook, or add us to their Twitter follows, but please contact us with your own ideas on Pittsburgh. And most important please, please, please leave a review on amazon.com. Your feedback is the only way we can make Pittsburgh 2018 City Guide ebook better. And because it is an ebook, and readily changeable, we can include your suggestions, and react to your critiques in real-time. Which not only a wonderful advantage for us ebook publishers, but a superb way to see your helpful ideas and corrections make an impact on a Pittsburgh City Guide people use everyday.

Many thanks for your time,
Cardinal Content
Maryann Huk
Executive :Publisher.

Moon Pittsburgh (Moon Handbooks)

By Dan Eldridge

Released: 2014-06-17
Paperback (388 pages)

Moon Pittsburgh (Moon Handbooks)
List Price: $17.99*
Lowest New Price: $6.00*
Lowest Used Price: $0.99*
Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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  • Avalon Travel Publishing
Product Description:
Long-time Pennsylvania resident Dan Eldridge provides a quirky look at Pittsburgh, from riding up the Duquesne Incline to grabbing a beer at a hipster bar in South Side to visiting the Andy Warhol Museum. Dan includes unique trip ideas like Out with the Parents, Fun and Cheap, and Go Where the Locals Go. Packed with information on dining, transportation, and accommodations, this guide provides options for a range of travel budgets. Complete with details on the best insider spots and how to make the most of two days in the city, Moon Pittsburgh gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

What's Great About Pennsylvania? (Our Great States)

By Kristin Marciniak

Lerner Publications
Paperback (32 pages)

What s Great About Pennsylvania? (Our Great States)
List Price: $7.95*
Lowest New Price: $5.54*
Lowest Used Price: $5.46*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:05 Pacific 22 Oct 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
What's so great about Pennsylvania? Find out the top ten sites to see or things to do in the Keystone State! Explore Pennsylvania's big cities, mountains, rivers, and rich history. The Pennsylvania by Map feature shows where you'll find all the places covered in the book. A special section provides quick state facts such as the state motto, capital, population, animals, foods, and more. Take a fun-filled tour of all there is to discover in Pennsylvania.

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